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Cell Phone Forensics

Explanation of RTT, NELOS, Truecall records
Murder Case Analysis to Limit and Exclude Cell Phone Records
Vehicle Accident Case Report - Defending driver accused of web browsing
Guide for Cell Phone Company Subpoena 
Miletic testimony to exclude Verizon RTT data

Recent Publications

Recent cases providing expert analysis, testimony, affidavits or depositions

  • Michigan vs. Corey Whitehead (Arson)

  • Indiana vs. Benjamine Ingram (Narcotic dealing resulting in death)

  • Indiana vs. Joshua Alexander Farmer (Murder)

  • Illinois vs. Vernon McCormick (Murder)

  • Louisiana, Krielow vs. Krielow (Divorce)

  • Arizona vs. Aurelia Chamberlain (Minor abuse)

  • Louisiana vs. Davieontray Breaux (Murder)

  • Michigan vs. Raymond Bogucki (Murder)

  • Indiana vs. Steven Kendall (Narcotics dealing resulting in death)

  • Michigan vs. Logan Browen (Accident causing death)

  • Illinois vs. Jairren Williams (Sexual assault)

  • Michigan vs. Winisford Watkins (RICO gang case)

  • State of Michigan vs. Terris Braddock (Murder)

  • State of Michigan vs. Markisha Srackangast (Murder)

  • State if Indiana vs. Ruai Ngundeng Pal (Murder, Robbery)

  • USA v. Rugh James Cline (Illicit Sexual Conduct in Foreign Country)

  • USA v. Geoffrey Gaston (Armed Robbery)

  • State of Florida vs. Mario Fernandez Salanda (Murder)

  • State of Indiana vs. Roger Graves (Stalking)

  • State of Indiana vs. Raymond Childs (Multiple Murder)

  • State of Illinois vs. Peter Zabala (Murder)

  • Maurice Rudd, Jr. vs. Medina's Authentic Mexican Food - Harrison County TX (Truck accident)

  • State of Indiana vs. Nicholas J. Dunn (Murder)

  • State of Indiana vs. Larry Jo Taylor (Murder)

  • State of Michigan vs. Dominique Asher Hawkins (Stalking)

  • State of Michigan vs. Aubrey Gonzales (Murder)

  • State of Indiana vs Fouts/Hopkins (Murder)

  • Espinoza vs. Davis, Silva, Applus RTD USA, Inc. (Auto Accident, Texas)

  • State of Indiana vs. Roger Graves (Stalking)

  • Dianna Cafra vs. Allstate Fire and Casualty (Auto Accident, Florida)

  • Kimberlei Zaniol vs. Jon Gilby (Auto Accident, Florida)

  • Louisiana Workmen’s Comp Fraud (Civil)

  • State of Michigan vs Beauford (Attempted Murder)

  • State of Texas - Espinoza-Silva vs Davis (Auto Accident)

  • State of Florida - Cafra vs. Allstate (Auto accident)

  • United States vs. Cody Smith (Kidnapping, Sexual Abuse – FBI)

  • United States vs. Barry White (Use of explosives – ATF)

  • State of Kansas vs. Awnterio Dwan Lowery (Murder)

  • State of Missouri vs. Blake Schindler (Murder)

Wireless and Forensic Training​

  • Cellphone extraction – Cellebrite online training, Phone raw database analysis, iPhone and Android raw data analysis

  • Cell phone tower record analysis – Envista in class training

  • CDMA, GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G – Qualcomm online and in class training

  • Mapping software, Excel, Database analysis, presentation software, software scripting/programming

  • Self Training – Many years field testing, troubleshooting, designing wireless networks

  • E911 location, GPS technology, location technologies – combined theoretical/practical

  • WiFi technology – Online courses through AirMagnet

  • Radio theory and implemention – Motorola

  • Radio spectrum rules and allotments - FCC

Cell Tower Record Analysis
Tower record phone location

Call detail and location records are obtained from the wireless network providers. We help you generate a subpoena to obtain the exact parameters to request. These records are analyzed in order to determine exact location. 

Knowledge of how a cellular network functions is critical to performing an accurate and correct analysis of the data. With over 35 years of experience testing, designing and troubleshooting wireless networks our technical knowledge of wireless functionality is unmatched by other experts. 


Location can be determined for outdoor as well as indoor venues. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless data can be combined with cellular data in order to enhance the resolution further, in some cases determining the exact floor and location within a building.


Download article "Determining RF Coverage in Criminal Cases" published in the National Association of Defense Lawyers (NACDL) publication The Champion

Cell Phone Data Extraction and Cloud/Social Media Account Analysis
Cellphone Forensics.jpg

The cellphone and associated cloud and social media accounts provides access to a wealth of information about its user. With the right tools and procedures, data can be extracted from the phone that provides a complete profile of its user with evidence to either incriminate or exonerate the defendant in civil or criminal cases. Data can be obtained through subpoena for the phone user's cloud and social media accounts.

We extract user data from the cell phone and analyze social media and cloud data including text messaging, browsing history, call history, location history, photos, videos, social media, calendar events, WiFi networks,  passwords, credit card numbers, contacts, Tasks, etc.  

We provide a detailed report of the cell phone user data including all pertinent events during the time and in the location of the incident for either criminal or civil cases. 

Download article "Cellphone Forensics" published in the Texas Bar Journal

Truck or Auto Accident Cases

Trucking accidents can be catastrophic and gathering and interpreting cell phone and GPS tracking evidence could be critical to a case. The data may help prove what really happened and who was at fault.


Cell phones today contain a tremendous amount of data. This data comes in many forms; text messages, emails, call activity, videos, photos, and other forensic artifacts. It can be used to create a timeline of activity surrounding when an accident occurred. It is also possible to recover extensive data believed to be deleted, as well as other obscure types of data such as if a user was using a hands-free technology while on a call, typing, searching on the phone, or watching movies. Data from the GPS tracking systems on commercial vehicles can be used for identifying the path and time driven.


Typically, because the data is in raw form when received from the cell phone, network and GPS unit, an expert must be used to interpret it. This typically includes having the expert show, on maps, tables and photos, the location information, calling numbers, messages, photos, etc. In addition, the expert will be needed to describe the wireless and location technologies used, its accuracy and any other information necessary to show its relevancy to the issue at hand.

Valuable information can also be obtained from the Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR), vehicle diagnostics port and the vehicle entertainment and mapping system. Critical data such as speed/acceleration prior to impact, vehicle location, airbag deployment, impact location, sensor status, etc. This can help complete the picture of the accident events and causes.

Drive Testing
tablet copy.jpg

ZK Services has been drive and walk-testing cellular, WiFi and public safety networks for over 35 years. Our history is in testing wireless networks and understanding radio frequency (RF) coverage and wireless network functionality. 

Our engineers are certified in 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, GPS and E911 location technologies. We assist large cell phone operators in improving coverage, reducing interference, increasing data rates and overall performance and signal quality. 

In legal cases our engineer will visit the event location and perform a detailed drive or walk test to determine actual cell tower coverage. This data is then compared with CDR and location records provided by the cell phone operator as well as data extracted from the phone to determine a high degree of location resolution.

These methods have been used in wireless engineering for decades and are technically proven satisfying Frye and Daubert requirements. 

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