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Digging Deep into an iPhone

I recently worked on a case which required me to dig deep into the iPhone iOS 16 internal files and databases. There are two databases that I took a look at. One was KnowledgC and the other was InFocus. KnowledgeC is basically a timeline of all iPhone events. Things such as state of the backlight, email access, SMS access, calls, speaker phone used, and many others are displayed. It provides a good idea of the use of the phone. InFocus provides information on what is being displayed on the screen. This may infer what the user is currently doing on the phone. It doesn't necessarily prove that the user was interacting with the phone but it gets us closer as to how it is being used and what apps are open and on screen. Stay tuned, I'll provide more info on these and other files. I will also be digging into the Android OS.

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