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Cell Phone Forensics and Wireless Testing

Market intelligence, strategic analysis, VC Funding, and M&A  to wireless and manufacturing companies. Market segmentation, customer assessment and prioritization.


Set up sales teams, develop sales strategies, establish international expansion and distribution. 


We help you focus your efforts, implement sales strategies, secure and manage customers and coordinate market and product development requirements.



Provide expert analysis and testimony for civil and criminal cases. Assist insurance companies, defense attorneys, civil attorneys in analyzing cell phone tower and cell phone data to determine location, cause of action, event analysis, fault analysis. 


We extract data from the cell phone and obtain tower records from the cell phone provider and perform forensic analysis. We can drive test the area and produce maps and analysis with phone location and activity at time of event.



Certified team of engineers to manage wireless testing for technology development, wireless performance, E911 location, RF coverage and cell phone location for legal testimony.


We drive test in legal cases to determine phone location with high degree of accuracy as well as dispute opposing counsel cell phone location analysis. 


Detailed maps and analysis for cell phone performance, benchmark analysis and RF coverage.



ZK Services combines the knowledge of 2G through 5G wireless technologies with the experience of developing products, providing services, selling direct to large companies to provide a unique service to growing wireless companies, attorneys, insurance companies and wireless network operators.  



Tel: 650.279.2403

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