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ZK Services tests Small Cells in Tampa, FL
Cellular Benchmark and CW Tests performed for residential neighborhoods

January 2017
ZK Services tests Wi-Fi and Cellular voice/data in 6 professional football stadiums

February 2017
ZK Services tests Public Safety coverage in downtown Milwaukee, WI

March 2017
ZK Services, LLC
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ZK Tests the Superbowl
Feb 2013
ZK Measures the Washington State Convention Center
July 2013
ZK Consulting and Testing Services
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ZK Services, LLC
ZK Service engineers have a deep knowledge of cellular, WiFi and Public Safety networks. We communicate with wireless operators and service providers on a daily basis. Our experience and ownership of the test equipment allows us to do efficient and high quality work in a timely and professional manner.
Limitations of DAS/WiFi Monitoring
June 2013
Stanford Football Stadium
January 2013
Measure Cellular, Public Safety and WiFi from the User's perspective
Red Rock Casino Resort & Hotel
Las Vegas
July 2013
ZK Services, with over 35 years of wireless system performance testing background, measures and analyzes the users' perceived experience of cellular voice and data, WiFi and Public Safety performance.

Our Consulting Group assists clients in reviewing DAS/Small Cell designs, establishing wireless performance standards, evaluation of companies' products/capabilities in the marketplace and implementation of processes to insure a quality user experience.

Our Test Group walk-tests venues and drive-tests areas to determine wireless performance. A detailed report is provided along with an Executive Summary with expert analysis.
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