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Wi-Fi access points and networks are installed in almost every building these days. Some cities have area-wide free networks while some venues like airports have free and paid access. Whatever the case, Wi-Fi networks can be as simple as a single access point or as complicated as a multi-zone, multi-frequency network delivering high capacity data and voice services.

In venues that provide Wi-Fi to demanding users in sports stadiums, schools, airports, hotels and others it is critical to test the performance as seen by the Wi-Fi user. Most Wi-Fi testing measures signal strength coverage but this does not provide the complete picture. Signal level can be excellent yet data throughput can be poor. It is vital to test the Wi-Fi network as seen by the actual user which means testing the actual data rates while the user is staionary as well as when the user moves around the venue from AP to AP.

Many things not related to signal strength can affect the user perception of quality and data speeds. ZK Services has specific Wi-Fi collection measurement and analysis software from leading vendors that provide the complete pucture of service quality and root cause analysis to our clients.
Wi-Fi Testing
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