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Public Safety
The highest priority for Fire and Police in terms of safety is quality communications. Fire services personnel need to know where everyone is in a burning building. Police need to communicate in order to catch the bad guys, it's what gives them the advantage.

It is important to know that once inside a building you can talk to others and know where they are, even in the stairwells and elevators. This does not just happen, it requires planning, execution and testing of wireless communications systems.

ZK Services has test equipment specifically dedicated to testing the public safety and two-way radio channel quality and coverage. High quality scanners measure signal levels and custom test radios measure channel quality parameters DAQ (digital audio quality) and BER (bit error rate). Data can presented in grid patterns as called for in P25 requirements.

Make sure your public safety and two-way radio networks are the best they can be and contact ZK Services for your testing needs.
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