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Cell Phone Forensic Analysis

ZK Services has over 35 years of experience in cell phone and wireless technology and location data collection and analysis. We use to extract user data from the cell phone including text messaging, browsing history, call history, location, photos, social media data, etc.

We collect hundreds of measurement parameters that can be used to determine location within a high degree of resolution. Call detail and location records are obtained from the wireless network providers and compared with actual drive test data in order to determine exact location.

Location can be determined for outdoor as well as indoor venues. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless data can be combined with cellular data in order to enhance the resolution further, in some cases determining the exact floor and location within a building. Download the article to find out more.
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ZK Services, LLC
ZK Services, LLC
Expert Biography

Richard Miletic has been in the wireless industry for over 30 years. His wireless technology companies developed the first compact test product that accessed low level proprietary information from cell phones and combined that with GPS and dead reckoning navigation systems. He also developed the first low cost cellular data and location analysis software products based on industry standard mapping and database tools that allowed engineers to diagnose wireless network and location issues. His companies aquired and maintained chipset interface licenses from Qualcomm, Nokia, Motorola and others. Customers include Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile, Sprint, Google and others.

Richard has a deep understanding of all cellular technologies including GSM, UMTS, CDMA, EVDO. HSPA, LTE and LTE Advanced. Richard has lived abroad and provides services to many countries around the world. His technical background along with his business and communication skills allow Richard to explain complicated technology to the lay person in a concise, clear, logical and understandable way.

Richard is a member of AGL Group, Connected Stadium Community, Illinois Engineering, In-Building Wireless Community, Infrastructure Executives Business Network, Telecom Executives Business Network, Wireless Communications & Mobile Networks, E911 Professionals.

Richard provides expert testimony for criminal and civil cases where mobile location needs to be determined. His expertise lies in determining the precise coverage area of the cell using RF modeling and measurement methods. He then analyzes the mobile location timeline and determines where the phone was or wasn't at the time of the incident.

Download the article to learn more.
Truck or Vehicle GPS Tracking

Data from the GPS tracking systems on commercial vehicles can be used for identifying the path and time driven. Typically, because the data is in raw form when received from the GPS unit, an expert must be used to interpret it. This typically includes having the expert show, on maps and photos, the location information from the GPS system. In addition, the expert will be needed to describe the GPS system, its accuracy and any other information necessary to show its relevancy to the issue at hand.